Andy Cohen with Moira Meltzer-Cohen Small But Mighty – Songs For Growing People

The old timey bluesman makes a kids record like none you ever heard before. Very close in spirit to ones Pete Seeger made a million years ago, he’s road tested this material on his kids and grand kids over the years and you can be sure that tough audience told him which end was up. Treating the kids as equals, his originals fit right in with the authentic old timey stuff and your kids will never be the same once they wrap their heads around this hidden gem.

Notes From Andy

My daughter Moira, who sings on it, came up with the title and subtitle — ‘Songs for Growing People’ — for this CD. I think they capture the intent of the project, which is to talk substantively to kids without talking down to them. Now that Moira is grown, she sees the old music as I do, as a thing in itself, and coinciden¬tally, the underlayment to most of what’s available today, of value for its own sake as well as for the history it contains. Some of the sillier songs on the CD are ones that I wrote, but all the ‘covers’ are ones I do when I’m playing for kids. Trust me, they get them. My humble opinion is that children gravitate to Old Time Music like it was made up with them in mind.

Album Credits

Andy Cohen – vocals on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, co-lead and harmony vocals on track 1, acoustic 6 string guitar on tracks 1, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 12 string guitar on track 8, National steel slide guitar on track 9, accordion on track 3, banjo on tracks 2, 4, 11
Moira Meltzer-Cohen lead vocal on track 7, 11 , harmony vocal on tracks 1, 11
Randy “Da Bones Man” Seppala – bones on track 10
all tracks except track 10 recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Jim Godsey, JBG Audio, Palatine, Illinois
tracks 5, 12 February 21, 2015, track 9 June 6, 2018 tracks 1, 2,4,6,7,8,11 September 10, 2018, tracks 3,13 October 31, 2019
track 10 recorded February 1, 2020, mixed and edited by Gary Vincent, Clarksdale Sound Stage, Clarksdale, Mississippi February 3, 2020
graphic design and cover art by Meghan Merker
© ℗ 2020 Earwig Music Company, Inc.

Track Listing

  1. Boob-i-lak (Screen Gems – EMI Music Inc. / A/C Beechwood Music Corporation / Central Songs)
  2. The Brand New Baby (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)
  3. Mon Petit Chien (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)
  4. Uncle Stinky (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)
  5. Happy-Go-Lucky (Paul Arnoldi, Magic Twanger Music/Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corporation
  6. Chicken (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)
  7. Gravy Waltz (Steve Allen – lyrics, Ray Brown – music, Ray Brown Music)
  8. Mighty In the Kingdom, Joe LaRose
  9. Talkin’ Casey (Mississippi John Hurt, Adage Song Publishing/AC Mississippi John Hurt Music Inc. / Wynwood Music Company, Inc.
  10. West Coast Blues (Blind Arthur Blake, Spikedriver Music)
  11. Funnel Cakes (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)
  12. Reverend Gary Rag (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)
  13. Planxty Miss Joanna Swan (Andrew M. Cohen, Earwig Music Company, Inc.)

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