Otherlands, 614 S. Cooper, Memphis, Tennessee
November 18 & 19th from 8 PM to 11:30 or thereabouts
$10 @ the door, $15 for both nights
Donations gratefully accepted

Over the course of two evenings, a bunch of diehard Memphis musicians
will be playing their hearts out for some kids who live as best they
can in the small city of Jinja, Uganda. Once a thriving industrial
city, it has been much reduced in recent years, leaving orphaned
youngsters to the mercies of the mean streets of Jinja. A young social
worker named Wanda Moses took it upon himself to create a space for
some of them, to feed them and give them a bed, and to enroll them in
school, as best he could without much local help. He organized the
MONIC Children’s Center a few years ago
and has been struggling to maintain it ever since.

Enter our local heroes, just the ones you might suspect: Nancy Apple,
Steve Selvidge, Eric Hughes, Zeke Johnson, the duo of Don McGregor and
Steve Lockwood, Andy Cohen (accompanied by the fabulous Martha Kelly),
special guest out-of-towner Shelton Powe, and Moses Crouch’s band
Memphissippi Medicine. Over the course of two nights these
indefatigable stalwarts will groove and holler, pick and sing the
blues and the twangy country songs, and songs of their own, that have
made Memphis and the South in general legendary as the fountainhead of
this beautiful music.

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